Pictured (Left to Right): Shayne Kamat, Charlie Hudson, Foster Vernon, Gabe Waldman, Brock Borowczyk, Marc Deblasi, Kiyun Sung, and Ben Carolan

The story of A New Age: Clash of Civilizations was borne from the writings of Director Kiyun Sung. Inspired by numerous political and historical dramas both in the U.S. and Korea, the film takes place in an alternate history and focuses on the delicate sociopolitical interactions taking place in a tumultuous East Asia.

Since the scale was the largest we had taken up to that point, the producers decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign to help offset the costs. We also had numerous and extensive planning and preproduction meetings taking place months in advance of production. This enabled us to overcome many of the obstacles that eventually appeared along the way. 

For this film, a talented crew was rallied together; with both returning members from previous projects (구미호: Kumiho, Beneath Paradise, etc.) and new members! 

We also had the distinct privilege to work with a diverse and talented cast from the Greater New York City area! Our cast included Joomin Hwang, who previously starred in our horror short film, 구미호: Kumiho

Despite the challenges we faced, we ended with an extremely successful shoot. This feat was made possible through the hard work of a brilliant cast and crew, and the wonderful contributions of our Indiegogo backers!