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Stranger Journeys is an example of our style of unique, one-shot videos that blend Asian mythos with Western style!



구미호: Kumiho is a horror short film we developed that invoked Korean legend, whilst setting the narrative in the U.S.Shot in the YouTube Space NY. 

Baek Ho Productions LLC is a diverse multimedia group that strives to exciting cinematic content that pushes boundaries in cinematic storytelling and ignites the imagination of the global community. Embracing the opportunities of the new digital age, Baek Ho Productions LLC seeks to break the traditional mold and tell exciting, authentic stories from across the spectrum of human history and culture.


The Baek Ho Productions YouTube Channel formally began on January 2010, when Kiyun Sung decided to share VFX clips he had made using After Effects. After transitioning from short clips to longer projects, Kiyun assembled a team of close friends and developed the action short film, Tale of Warriors (2011). In the following year, the sci-fi/adventure short film, SENTINEL, was released onto the channel. Baek Ho Productions then began developing short-form new media pieces that tackled a variety of genres, stories, and trends. 

In 2014, Baek Ho Productions began development of its flagship short film, 운명의 왕: The Destined King, the first U.S.-made Korean fusion-historical short film. After its completion, the film went on to receive acclaim and recognition in film festivals across the domestic U.S. Since then, Baek Ho Productions has expanded its content to tackle more high-concept films, in addition to animations, music videos, and more!


Baek Ho Productions is supported by an incredible network of talented composers, animators, artists, actors, cinematographers from all across the globe. 


+ 한국말 할 수 있어요?

네! 저희 단편영화는 거의 대부분은 영어로 말을 하지만, 한국어 자막이 있습니다. 2015년부터 저희는 한국어로 단편영화 몇개를 만들 예정입니다!

+ How do you say your Name?

Phonetically, it's "Bek Hoe" (Bĕk Hō) Productions. It's an English translation of the Korean word, 백호 (Hanja: 白虎), which is the name of the "White Tiger of the West" (an entity in Korean mythology).

We chose "Baek Ho" because the White Tiger is the national animal of Korea and we are based in the USA ... and it blends well with our goal of bringing Eastern stories to the West!

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