Pictured (Left to Right): Scott Giameo, Kiyun Sung, Veronica Alvino-Roca, Marc Deblasi, Miguel Soliman, Christian Lagalante, Joomin Hwang, Spring Ines Pena, and Ben Carolan

When the Halloween holiday began to approach, the team at Baek Ho Productions assembled to produce a more definitive horror short film (our previous being M for Maniac). Having enjoyed the process of developing Korean projects, we invoked the writing talents of Veronica Alvino-Roca to script something from Korean mythos. Thus, the tale of 구미호: Kumiho was born. 

For this project, Baek Ho Productions brought along the talented Christian Lagalante; making his directorial debut on the channel. He then rallied together a fine crew (some returning members from Beneath Paradise) and joined in the casting process. 

The production for 구미호: Kumiho spanned two, non-consecutive days. Within the allotted time, the 구미호: Kumiho team weaved together a visual world that successfully blended together an ancient, Korean mythos in a modern, western setting.

This project was made possible by an incredible team of actors, camera operators,  writers, and more! Special Thanks goes to the YouTube Space NY for allowing us usage of their awesome cabin set.