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A New Age: Clash of Civilizations is a rather complex story; starting off in the middle of an international crisis and the summit intended to resolve it. Then, with little time to breathe, you are introduced to a plethora of characters (or "political actors", in poli-sci jargon) from several different countries, speaking in at least three major languages. It is quite a maze for an average viewer to navigate through.

In an attempt to flesh out the story and explain the context of the main film, the team behind A New Age: Clash of Civilizations produced two tie-in films: Heart of Power and On the Horizon. While the main film focuses more on Chosun Korea and Qing China, Heart of Power offers curious audiences a dramatic look into the state of America in the days prior to the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference. On the Horizon was made to be an in-universe piece of media; taking place just days before the summit, On the Horizon is a talkshow on FNC (a news station referenced in A New Age) that further elaborates on the state of the world at large. 

We hope that these tie-in films, and the information we provide in this blog post, help in understanding the larger universe of A New Age: Clash of Civilizations!


Heart of Power takes place some time before the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference, the summit seen in A New Age: Clash of Civilizations. President Welles and his Chief of Staff, Donald Ryans, have already left with the U.S. Delegation; leaving the White House under the charge of Vice President John Grayson (Drew Allen). 

However, as Heart of Power progresses, it becomes clear that there is a problem in the Executive Office. In the absence of the President and the Chief of Staff, John Grayson is cavorting with interns and flaunting power that he does not have. That is, until Sharon Bennet (Christine Smith), the U.S. Secretary of State, enters the room. 

In the American political arena, there are two notable powers struggling against each other. One power is Donald Ryans, the Chief of Staff. He has effectively seized real power and turned the President into a puppet. This is hinted at in A New Age, when Donald leaves the President to make a backdoor deal with Chosun Korea and shows little concern. The counter to Donald lies in the Secretary of State, Sharon Bennet.

The differences between the two officials is made more evident in their interpretations of recent events: Donald sees opportunity in Asia's crisis while Sharon sees disaster. Sharon does not believe America has anything to gain from getting closer to an increasingly tumultuous Asia. However, if Donald fails and makes a foreign policy blunder, then Sharon has a chance to usurp power. She just needs a foothold in the Oval Office ... or (a disillusioned) someone who would be next-in-line to it. 

In Heart of Power, Sharon begins to sink her talons into the Vice President and build up her own pawn in the American political game.


On the Horizon is an in-universe piece of media. It is a political talkshow on FNC, the same news channel that broadcasts "World Nightly News with Jimmy Danthers" (as seen in A New Age: Clash of Civilizations). Taking place mere days before the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference, the show's host, Neil Sanders (Christian Lagalante), interviews Nicholas Kim (Kiyun Sung), the Senior Adviser in the Institute for Greater Asian Affairs. 

In the show, Nicholas elaborates on why the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference is taking place and talks - in detail - about the key actors: Qing China (suffering from internal strife) and Chosun Korea (under the rule of a new authoritarian regime). 

*Fun Note: Both Christian Lagalante and Kiyun Sung were directors on A New Age: Clash of Civilizations.

*Fun Note: Although there was a script, Kiyun (who majored in International Relations) largely ad-libbed his lines. 


The events seen/discussed in Heart of Power and On the Horizon culminate into the story of A New Age: Clash of Civilizations

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