[EVENT] Beneath Paradise - Trailer [HD]

Born in the capital city of the totalitarian nation of Ahnsing, Yuri (SARAH JUN) has enjoyed a relatively comfortable life as the popular news anchor on the state-run news channel. However, this all changes when she makes a mistake on air and is made a target by the regime's secret police. Before she is captured, Yuri is saved by Khal (CHRISTOPHER KIM), the mysterious metahuman that was born in one of Ahnsing's notorious prison camps. Having seen the truth behind the 'paradise' of Ahnsing, Yuri and Khal must work together to free their countrymen and topple the cruel Great Leader (YASUHITO MIYAZONO).


Beneath Paradise is a faux-trailer that we shot for Stan Lee's "World of Superheroes" Event in the YouTube Space NY. We were able to access the incredible sets that they built and utilize their awesome equipment, as well. 

The idea for Beneath Paradise came from a speculative thought: "What if Magneto was born in North Korea." After further development, I formulated a script (albeit for a trailer) around a character that was born in a prison camp in a fictional country that strongly mirrors the DPRK. Moreover, I peppered the trailer with small events, dialogues, and set pieces that are based on North Korean defector testimonies on what occurs within the  DPRK; just to add a bit more realism/authenticity to the piece.

I then assembled an incredibly awesome team of people (some new, some returning) to help shoot this project! For cast, Christopher Kim (whom we worked with on 운명의 왕: The Destined King) took on the meta-human character of Khal. We also worked with new people, such as Sarah Jun and Yasuhito Miyazono; who - through their brilliant acting talent - brought the characters of Yuri and the Great Leader to life. 

I am extremely thankful to the YouTube Space NY & Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment for the opportunity to make this project, and am grateful to our amazing cast and crew that brought it to life!

- Kiyun Sung


Christopher Kim as Khal
Sarah Jun as Yuri
Yasuhito Miyazono as the Great Leader

Featuring Voices & Appearances by:
Kiyun Sung
Chris Gassler 
Peter Logan 
Jonathan Jonathan http://www.youtube.com/flikkernicht
Speedosausage https://www.youtube.com/user/SpeedoSausage

Produced by Baek Ho Productions

Directed, Written, and Edited by Kiyun Sung

Script Consultant: Yuka Kobayashi  

Royalty-Free Music provided by Triune Scores

Director of Photography: Shayne Kamat

1st Assistant Camera: Christian Lagalante

Sound Operator: Marc Deblasi

Assistant Director: Miguel Jesus Soliman

Makeup by April Townes

Costumes by Kiyun Sung & Candice Paek-Sung

Catering by Jazmin Palma

Production Assistants:
Jazmin Palma
Chris Gassler

Visual Effects by Kiyun Sung

Special Thanks:
YouTube Space NY
Yuka Kobayashi
POW! Entertainment



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