[ANNOUNCEMENT] "시대의 영웅: Hero of the Age" is our Next Project!

"900 years before Yi Soon Shin, there was the great General Yang Manchun!" 

We are excited to formally announce a project that we've been working on in secret for quite a while now ... <Hero of the Age>! It is a fully illustrated, motion comic-style animated short that depicts one of the most dramatic battles in Korea's history, the Battle of Ansi Castle.

Historical Background: The Battle of Ansi Castle took place in the year 645, during a war between Goguryeo (Korean kingdom) and the Tang Dynasty of China. Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of Tang mustered an army in the hundreds of thousands to conquer the Korean kingdom and carved through Goguryeo defenses in the Liaodong Peninsula. However, their campaign was stalled at Ansi Castle, where Goguryeo soldiers - led by General Yang Manchun - held the line against impossible odds. 

Check out the teaser we released a month ago!

We will be releasing the film's website, announcing casting, and more soon.

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"명량해전 900년 전에 ... 안시성의 위대한 전투가 있었다!" 

당나라가 수만명에 대군이 있지만, 고구려는 양만춘 장군이 있다!
한국역사에 제일 유명한 전투는 시작한다 ...

백호 프로덕션의 첫 애니메이션 작품 <시대의 영웅> 
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