[NEWS] Voice Recording for <시대의 영웅: Hero of the Age>

사극 만화영화 <시대의 영웅>의 첫 녹음 세션!

저희 영화에 ..
양만춘의 목소리는 배우 황주민 입니다!
'요동의 꽃' 한 씨의 목소리는 여배우 박효진 입니다! 

We've begun voice work for our first animation project, <시대의 영웅: Hero of the Age>! The film follows the famous story General Yang Manchun, of the ancient Korean kingdom of Koguryeo, as he prepares to lead the defense against the legions of the Tang dynasty.

Our first recording session was with actor Joomin Hwang (구미호: Kumiho, A New Age: Clash of Civilizations, etc.), who plays the titular role of General Yang Manchun, and actress Hyojin Park, who plays Lady Han! Director Kiyun Sung even lent his voice to some background roles as well.

In addition to voices, we're making great progress on the animation front as well. Here's a sneak peek:

We're excited about this project and can't wait to share it with you all next year!

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