[NEWS] New Poster for "시대의 영웅: HERO OF THE AGE"

900 years before Admiral Yi Soon Shin, there was General Yang Manchun!

We are making significant progress on our animated film, Hero of the Age! With that said, we are pleased to unveil a new poster for the film, its website, and Official Synopsis! 

Title: (Korean) 시대의 영웅 (English) Hero of the Age
Romanization: Sidaeui Yeong-ung

Website: https://www.baekhoproductions.com/herooftheage

Here is the Official Synopsis:

It is the year 645 AD. Carrying the Mandate of Heaven, the Chinese emperor Taizong leads his grand legions to conquer the Korean kingdom of Goguryeo.  As the Chinese armies cut a blazing path towards Goguryeo's capital, only the lone Ansi Castle, commanded by the stalwart General Yang Manchun (JOOMIN HWANG) remains to stop Taizong's advance. With no hope of reinforcements and facing growing despair among his soldiers, Yang Manchun prepares for a desperate battle that will decide the fate of Goguryeo's 700-year history!

You can also find the film on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6387492

We will be unveiling more stills, trailers, and casting announcements in the coming months! 

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