[ANNOUNCEMENT] Meet the Director of our Halloween Special!

Halloween is Approaching!

As the Halloween holiday approaches, Baek Ho Productions is in full swing as we prepare a wonderfully, thrilling short film to contribute to the season of spooks and horrors! On that note, meet the director of this short film: Christian Lagalante!

Photography by Gabe Waldman

“I’m supremely fortunate for the opportunity to direct the next effort from Baek Ho Productions: a horror film about seduction, and the realization of our darkest fears when we are at our most vulnerable. The story is inspired by the fascinating mythology of the Kumiho. I look forward to collaborating with my excellent cast and crew at the stellar Youtube Space in NY. My fondness for Korean cinema and the horror genre hopefully aids me in rendering a subversive and lurid tale, befitting the spooky Halloween spirit.” - Christian Lagalante

We are excited to be working with Christian; he's an immensely talented filmmaker with an impressive work ethic. He also helped out on our previous project, Beneath Paradise!  We look forward to seeing Christian shepherd this project to completion!

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