[EVENT] The Music Video "I AM" is LIVE!

We're proud to present the music video we made for The Double Negatives' new song "I AM" from their new EP, "Visions From a Stranger." 

Christian Lagalante (Director of 구미호: Kumiho) and his brother, Matthew Lagalante, directed the project, with Ben Carolan (DP of 구미호: Kumiho) and Scott Giameo helming the FS700 and FS7 cameras. The music video was shot in the YouTube Space NY, using the Glam Rock set that they had constructed. 

Some words from the directors:

We’re lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with such a great band! The Double Negatives are insanely talented and are a genuinely great group of guys. It’s also always a pleasure shooting on the terrific built-sets at the incredibly kind YouTube studios. The shoot itself was filled with creative energy from just about everyone and it was tons of fun. We hope to work with the Baek Ho Productions, the band, and YouTube again soon!"
- Christian and Matthew Lagalante

Also check out the quick interview we had with The Double Negatives:

How was the band founded?

"The band was founded in 2014 by Myself (Dimitri), Rob, Brandon and Mikey DiBernardo. Rob, Mikey and myself had played in a band prior to the double negatives and when that ended we started to look for a new guitarist for a new project and we found Brandon. After Mikey passed away from a rare disease, we took a small break, each did our own thing than this passed year at the end of 2015 we started to pick it back up. Adding Dan to the band and look for new drummers, After trying out a few we finally found Kevin. On January 1st 2016 we all met him for the first time, January 2nd and 4th we played shows and January 7th and 8th we recorded our demo together. After playing shows all spring and recording our new EP in May, we're now here!"
- Dimitri Almeyda (Bass/Percussion)

What was the inspiration behind "I AM"?

I Am was the first song we wrote as The Double Negatives. Rob knows more of the meaning behind it. I just remember it coming together in like an hour or so and us all laughing a lot.
- Dimitri Almeyda (Bass/Percussion)
I'd say the meaning of I Am is showing someone you like all your attention and giving them everything, but getting nothing in return and almost negative responses for it to be their man when they can't see hear or taste, but them still trying to bring you down and feeling distant, or like a ghost.
- Rob Connolly (Vocals/Guitar/Synth)

What was your experience filming the music video?

"Our experience of filming the video was great! We had been in the studio the 3 days before recording our new EP and we were really beat after three, 12 hour days of non stop recording. But we were so excited at the opportunity to film the video [that] I think it gave us enough energy to get through the day. It was great working with such young professionals in a different field than ours, Dan and Kevin are film majors so we had a swell idea of  what it would be like, but it was great working with the crew."
- Dimitri Almeyda  (Bass/Percussion)

Any plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are to keep doing what we're doing! Keep playing shows, writing and recording new music and hopefully tour in the near future. We try not to narrow our sound so we can keep changing on every recording we release. Our fans seem to really enjoy us being "genre-less" it keeps them on their toes because they never know what to expect which is exciting because we don't have to limit ourselves and get bored.
- Dimitri Almeyda  (Bass/Percussion)

*BTS Photography by Gabe Waldman

Check out The Double Negatives on bandcamp:https://therealdoublenegatives.bandcamp.com/releases
Visit the band's Official Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/thedoublenegatives

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