[EVENT] "운명의 왕: The Destined King" is LIVE!

Our award-winning short film and the first US-made Korean fusion-historical short film, <운명의 왕: The Destined King>, is now live on our channel!

It's been an incredible journey making <운명의 왕: The Destined King>. We started in 2014 and finished post-production in 2015. From there, we went on an amazing festival tour that took us across the domestic U.S. (NYC, LA, Dallas, Monrovia, and Brooklyn).


We were even blessed with some amazing reviews from several websites!

Kung-Fu Kingdom: "It might seem strange to describe a 12-minute film as epic yet that's exactly what Korean writer and director Kiyun Sung delivers with his upcoming short film 'The Destined King'."
Film Combat Syndicate: "It's got intertwining drama, romance, and tragedy with a scope clearly geared for fans ardent of period Korean cinema ... this one will suit the fanbase just fine in 2016, guaranteed."
Rogue Cinema: "From deep focus photography that captures the magic of a dense forest to a brutal fight that delivers bone-jarring action, this is one movie I didn't want to end."

Thank you all for your incredible support for our film. We look forward to creating more exciting and awesome content!

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